Federal Minister for Commerce and Industries, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, meets Egyptian Commerce Minister.

Federal Minister for Commerce and Industries, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, engaged in discussions with H.E.Ahmed Samir, Minister of Commerce of Egypt and Chief Guest of the 4th Pakistan-Africa Trade Development Conference (PATDC) & Single Country Exhibition (SCE).

The talks focused on fostering collaboration in key sectors, including agriculture, textiles, engineering, and services. Both parties recognized the mutual benefits that can arise from expanding economic and trade ties between Pakistan and Egypt. The meeting, held in the presence of policymakers and business leaders from various countries, facilitated a convergence of diverse ideas and opinions, creating an enriching environment for meaningful discussions.

This event serves as a crucial platform aimed at fostering economic ties and exploring investment opportunities between Pakistan and Egypt. The discussions underscored the commitment of both nations to deepening economic cooperation and leveraging each other’s strengths in key sectors.

Dr. Gohar Ejaz reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to making Pakistani markets accessible to the MENA region. The focus is on achieving this goal by strengthening economic ties with MENA economies, with discussions centered around the potential for collaboration in agriculture, textiles, engineering, and services. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the Look Africa policy, emphasizing Pakistan’s objective to unlock its economic and trade potential.

The focus is on facilitating investments and making markets more accessible, contributing to the broader goals of economic growth and cooperation. The 4th PATDC & SCE not only serves as a platform for bilateral discussions but also as a catalyst for the exchange of ideas and strategies to enhance economic ties. The event sets the stage for further collaboration, paving the way for increased cooperation and mutual prosperity.