Introduction and Functions


Ministry of Industries & Production (MoI&P)'s role is that of a facilitator in creating an enabling environment for industrial growth in the country.


Functions of Industries and Production Division as laid down in Rules of Business, 1973 are as under:

  1.  National industrial planning and coordination.
  2.  Industrial policy.
  3.  Employment of foreign personnel in commercial and industrial enterprises.
  4.  Federal agencies and institutions for:-
    1.  promoting industrial productivity;
    2.  promoting of special studies in the industrial fields
    3.  testing industrial products.
  5.  Keeping a watch, from the national angle, over general price trends and supply position of essental commodities; price and distribution control over items to be distributed by statutory orders between the provinces, omitted vide SRO 973(1)/2017 dated 25-09-2017 (F.N.4-2/2016-Min-I).
  6.  Import and distribution of white oil.
  7.  Prescription and review of criteria for assessment of spare parts and raw materials for industrties.
  8.  Ghee Croproation of Pakistan Limited, and Pakistan Edible Oils Corporation Limited.
  9.  National Fertilizer Corporation, Lahore.
  10.  Development of Industries (Federal Control) (Repeal) Ordinance, 1979.
  11.  Economic Reforms (Protection of Industries) Regulation, 1972 (Regulation No. 125 of 1972). 46
  12.  All matters relating to state industrial enterprises, especially, in basic and heavy industries, namely:-
    1.  State Engineering Corporation, Karachi.
    2.  Pakistan Automobile Corporation, Karachi.
    3.  Federal Chemical and Ceramics Corporation, Karachi.
    4.  Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation, Karachi.
    5.  Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC).
  13. Any other industrial enterprises assigned to the Division.