Medium Enterprises Development (MED) Wing

Responsibilities of Medium Enterprises Development (MED) Wing

Mr. Sajjad Azhar

Joint Secretary (Medium Enterprises Development)

  1.  Preparation & Yearly review of SME Policy.
  2.  Overseeing / Implementation of SME Policy.
  3.  Creation of financial plans for SMEs and ensuring its outreach.
  4.  SME facilitation in creating backward and forward marketing Linkages.
  5.  Work relating to Administration and Establishment of following Organizations attached with MED Wing:
    1.  Small & Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA)
    2.  Southern Punjab Embroidery Industry (SPEI))
    3.  Spunn Yarn Research & Development Company, Multan.
    4.  Khaddi Crafts Development Company, Multan.
    5.  Leather Crafts Development Company, Multan.
    6.  AGRO Food Industry
    7.  Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) including its following Companies:-
      1.  Pakistan Stone Development Company(PASDEC)
      2.  Pakistan Gems & Jewellery Development Company (PG&JDC)
      3.  Pakistan Hunting & Supporting Arms Development Company(PHASDC)
      4.  Aik Hunar Aik Nagar Project (AHAN)
  6.  Ensuring preparation of quarterly and yearly plans for the above Medium-sized companies attached to MoIP.