Professional Skills Development (PSD) Wing

Responsibilities of Professional Skills Development (PSD) Wing

Ms. Saira Imdad Ali

Joint Secretary (Professional Skills Development)

  1.  Identification of training & skills gaps of SMEs and Large-scale Industries.
  2.  Work relating to Administration and Establishment of following Organization working in PSD Wing.
    1.  Technology Up-gradation & Skills Development Company (TUSDEC)
    2.  Karachi Tools Dies & Mould Centre, Karachi (KTDMC)
    3.  Pakistan Chemical & Energy Sector Skills Development Company
    4.  Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM), Karachi
    5.  Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre (PITAC)
    6.  Administrative and operational matters of NFML.
  3.  Preparation of skills development plans in respect of the above Skills Development Companies attached with MoIP.
  4.  Administration of the essential commodities, price control, profiteering and laws including distribution and control within Federal Area.
  5.  Keeping a watch from the national angle, over general price trends and supply position of essential commodities, price and distribution, control over items to be distributed by statutory orders between the provinces.
  6.  Import of urea fertilizer and its distribution to bridge the demand/supply gap, if any during Rabi and Kharif.
  7.  All matters relating to Fertilizer Review Committee and Fertilizer Policy (2001).
  8. Matters regarding Sugar Advisory Board and Sugar Policy.