Industrial Infrastructure Development (IID) Wing

Responsibilities of Industrial Infrastructure Development (IID) Wing

Syed Sibt-e-Abbas Zaidi

Joint Secretary (Industrial Infrastructure Development)

  1.  Preparation and implementation of long term (5 years) and short-terms (six months and more) industrial infrastructure development plans, with particular reference to Pakistan-China Economic Corridor.
  2.  Preparation and implementation of trucking policy with the aim to facilitate present fragmented trucking system into a cohesive industry capable of dealing with Pakistan-China Economic Corridor requirements.
  3.  Preparation, Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Development Projects (Funded through PSDP, foreign funded or internally).
  4.  Work relating to Project Monitoring and Evaluation Cell.
  5.  Work relating to Administration and Establishment of following Organizations working in IID Wing:-
    1.  Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA)
  6.  Ensuring preparation of yearly and quarterly plans for the above Infrastructure development companies attached to MoIP.
  7.  Industrial Safety and Consumer Protection.