Large Enterprises Development (LED) Wing

Responsibilities of Large Enterprises Development (LED) Wing

Syed Sibt-e-Abbas Zaidi

Joint Secretary (Large Enterprises Development)

  1.  Policy instructions to boost growth & development in various sub-sectors of industry with particular emphasis on Engineering Sector.
  2.  Enhancements of engineering goods export potential by introducing International quality standards up-gradation of technology to improve producing techniques and processes.
  3.  Industry facilitation through administration of various SROs by Engineering Development Board.
  4.  Preparation and finalization of budgetary proposals especially relating to tariff structures impacting industrial growth, in consultation with Federal Board of Revenue, Ministry of Commerce.
  5.  Overseeing large enterprises development issues like steel, cement, automobile, plastic, leather, sports, paper and pulp, construction and high tech machinery.
  6.  Work relating to Administration and Establishment of following Organizations working in LED Wing:
    1.  Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM)
    2.  Engineering Development Board (EDB)
    3.  State Engineering Corporation and its following subsidiaries.
      1.  Heavy Electrical Complex (HEC)
      2.  Pakistan Engineering Company (PECO)
  7. Policy Evaluation and Monitoring of Chemicals, Pesticides, Cement, Mining Industry and Surgical Instruments.