Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC)



Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Bhatti


2nd Floor, PIDC House,

Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: 021-35685041-9


PIDC was created in 1952 as a statutory body, with the objective of setting up industrial base in the country. Its focus was those sectors where the private sector was shy and where large amount of capital outlay with long gestation period was required. The industries were mostly set up in backward and far-flung areas with a view to create employment opportunities and to bring them at par with the main urban centres. The operational strategy was to set up projects on a continuous basis and transfer them to the private sector after successful operation, which encouraged and involved private sector in national development.

Within this mandate, PIDC established 94 Industrial Units during the period from 1952 to 1982 in the major sectors of economy like Mining, Fertilizer, Cement, Automobile, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, cotton & Textile, Ginning, and Sugar etc. PIDC established 73 units in West Pakistan and 21 Units in East Pakistan. Out of 73 Units, 29 were established in Punjab, 19 in Sindh, 17 in KPK (former NWFP) and 8 Units in Balochistan.

The Role of PIDC was redefined in 2004-05 as an “Industry facilitator” with the objective to act as a primary vehicle for facilitating of industrialization, foster spirit of enterprise, facilitate entrepreneurs and to promote Industry through skill development and provision of common facility centres to help private Sector in specific sectors through its wholly-owned subsidiary companies. Its current focus is the development of Industrial Infrastructure and it is developing and managing 05 Special Economic Zones in Sindh and Punjab.


PIDC to be the Primary Vehicle for facilitating industrialization by creating enabling environments for different segments of industries.


To foster a spirit of enterprise, facilitate entrepreneurs and promote development of internationally competitive industry.


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